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"Its the Colours"....a talk by Amanda Hall

Monkey Buttons image by kind permission of Amanda Hall

This event takes place on 5th April 2016 from 10:00am to 12:00pm and will take place at Conoco Rooms, Louth Library. It is being organised by Lindsey Patchworkers, Contact Sandra by email at or tel 01507 608576 or contact Enid on 01790 755606.

Amanda Hall, designer of Monkey Buttons Patterns, will bring along around 50 different items - bags, wall hangings and quilts.  Each one will be discussed, looking at colours, design and techniques used.  Amanda is known for her love of Taupe fabrics.  Amanda says the title of the talk is "often what people are heard to say when looking at the stand at an exhibition. The soft muted colours blend well together, giving a harmonious effect."
Amanda Has designed over 120 patterns, which will be available to purchase on the day, along with Japanese & European taupe fabrics.

Entry is £4 per person.