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Burghley Crafty Patchers

Meeting Day: 1st and 3rd Wednesday and 2nd Saturday each month, 10-4

Venue: Easton on the Hill Village Hall

Contact: Edna Rippin

Phone: 01780 754274

Country Roads Quilters

Venue: Sibsey Village Hall, Sibsey near Boston, Lincs  

3rd Tuesday 10am - 4pm (except August and December)

Contact: Lis Harwood 01790 763476

Email -

Crafty Ladies

Venue - Cranwell

Contact Dreda Farmer - tel 01400 262038

Cranwell Contemporary Textile Group

Venue - Cranwell

Contact - Dreda Farmer - 01400 262038

Grantham Quilters 

Venue: Grantham, Lincs-  

Contact: Frankie White - Phone: 01636 646461

Contact Julie Mackinder - Phone: 01476 572742

Holbeach Quilters

Venue - Holbeach

Contact - Susan Crowden - tel 01406 423108

Haven Quilters

Venue: Grimsby, Lincs

Contact: Anne Cheesbrough

Phone: 01472 211016

Hi Jack Patchers

Market Deeping, Lincs 

Contact Mrs. Jacqui Stygall, 19 Kesteven Dr., Towngate West, Market Deeping  PE6 8DV

Phone:  01778 347391    Email

Impish Quilters

Meeting Day: , 2nd Thurs. 7.30-9.30

Venue: Dunholme

Contact:  Carol Dunlop Tel 07970 690612

Iron Maidens Quilt Group

Venue: Scunthorpe

Contact: Lesley Dale

Phone: 01724 875734

Jolly Quilters

Meeting Day: Thurs. 1.30-3.30

Venue: Skegness

Contact: Jenny Savage

Phone: 01754 766389

Lindsey Patchworkers

Meeting Day: 1st and 3rd Tues. 10.00-12.00

Venue: Conoco Room, Louth Library

Contact: Sandra Goldsborough

Phone: 01507 608576

Mayflower Quilters


Contact Judy Mitchell  01469 573729

Peapod Quilters

Venue - Great Hale

Contact: Tina Collins - Phone: 01529 469083

Contact: Beryl Moore - Phone: 01529 469233

Pearoom Quilters

Venue: Magna Village Hall, Great Hale, Sleaford, 

Contact: Theresa Morgan

Phone: 07876 777499

Phoenix Quilters

Venue: Immingham, Lincs

Contact: Linda Codd

Phone: 01469 530933

P & Q's

Venue: Lincoln, Lincs

Contact: Jenny Woodall

Phone: 01522 530013

Quilters Patch

Venue: Old Bolingbroke

Contact: Pam Powell Phone: 01790 763363 or Gina Harmsworth Phone: 01790 763423

Sitting Ducks

Venue: Branston Booths

Contact: Rosie Lundgren

Phone: 07908 069033

Spa Quilters

Meeting Day: Morning

Venue: Woodhall Spa

Contact: Stephanie Jephson Phone 01526 354416

Stitch in Kyme

Venue: The Village Hall, North Kyme, near Sleeford, Lincs

Contact: Jackie Dickinson, Phone: 01205 260695

Contact: Cathy Kingsbury, Phone: 01526 860521


The Iron Maidens Quilt Group


Contact: Lesley Dale Phone: 01724 875734

Tasty Farm

Venue: Skegness

Contact: Christine Shaw

Phone: 01754 880494

Tor-o-Moor Quilters 

Meeting Day: Monthly, 2nd Wed. 7.30-9.30

Venue: Catholic Church Hall, Cromwell Avenue, Woodhall Spa

Contact: Doreen Hallett

Phone: 01526 352087

 Windmill Sew-n-Sews

Waltham, Grimsby.  

Contact Jacky Hopkin. Tel. 01472 506028 

The Windmill Quilters 

Waltham, Grimsby. 
 Contact Jacky Hopkin. Tel. 01472 506028 

Waltham Windmill Textile Group

Waltham, Grimsby. 

 Contact Jacky Hopkin. Tel. 01472 506028

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